Split Air Conditioners

According to History, Air Conditioning systems are used by human beings since the ancient Egypt, where they developed quite interesting techniques, using water vapor to cool and humidify rooms.

Since then, the use of ACs become a consistent habit among middle and upper class households all over the world.

Yet, when it comes to reselling or even buying as end users, picking good suppliers isn’t an easy task. Some people try negotiating directly with the manufacturers, which is also not the best go – since the factories in general doesn’t focus on the client, but on the goods, they wont mind to provide the customers all the advising, personalized attendance, besides not necessarily offering better prices.

We perceive it, and for that reason, Thermodynamics has gained field, and made strong partnerships all around Middle East and Africa.

The personalized attendance, agile and effective, allied with fair price and excellent conditions has turned our customers into partners, and partners into friends.

Join us, place your order today! call us, email, or text us on WhatsApp.

We have a full team of professionals ready to advise and support.

Special pricing with full technical support, warranty and installation shall be provided.

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