Why Labs Have Spare Compressors on Standby
25 Nov 2022

High quality of TD’s products is achieved due to many factors, one of which is ensuring continuous upgrade of the production capacities. However, the new equipment fleet includes not only powerful and large machinery and processing assemblies, but also many small machines and devices that allow to optimize completion of production tasks at various stages and make personnel working environment more comfortable. In particular, several such machines were recently added in order to enhance the production process at the household fans manufacturing shop. These are wire cutting and stripping machines, as well as small machinery for ultrasonic spot welding.Household fans are electrical devices that contain electrical wires. Wires of specific length stripped from both sides are required for production of such fans. In order to optimize the process of preparing such fabricated wires, the company commissioned new wire cutting and stripping machines.

These machines are controlled via integrated controller with a LCD screen and complete all operations in accordance with set parameters. The machines can process wires with various insulation types (PVC, Teflon, Glass Wire) and ensure very high stripping precision (0.2 ± 0.002 mm). The stripping length may vary from 0.1 to 30 mm. The machines that process 100 mm wires are able to process 90 wires per minute.

The new small machines for ultrasonic spot welding are used for tack welds and plastic surfaces welding. In particular, they allow welding plastic elements to outer panels of heat exchangers and household fans in order to create indicator peepholes in the minimum possible time. Such machinery is quite powerful (600 W), operates in 28 kHz frequency and ensures quick and safe operation whilst ensuring the highest welding quality.

Commissioning of the new machines allowed to optimize the works associated with production of components for Vents household fans, make fans assembly process quicker and personnel work more comfortable.

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